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States are facing pressures to live up to ICAO standards by implementing a State Safety Program. A State Safety Program will monitor overall safety performance and ensure stakeholders (service providers, aircraft operators, airports and maintenance organizations) have appropriate aviation safety management systems in place. Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) are then tasked with the enforcement of the State Safety Program through the acceptance and oversight of a stakeholder’s aviation safety management system.

Developing and implementing a State Safety program can be a time consuming and taxing process. Once a State Safety Program is designed the Civil Aviation Authority is faced with the enormous task of ensuring the State Safety Program is being met by stakeholders. This oversight can generate a tremendous amount of data that can consume massive amounts of time from the inspector/auditor.

To help Civil Aviation Authorities “do more with less”, Q5 offers the Q5 State Safety Program Management system. Q5SMS/SSP is well accepted in the aviation industry, cost effective, user friendly and can be implemented very quickly.

State Safety Program Oversight

Oversight of stakeholder's aviation safety management systems is intense and time consuming process. The Q5SMS/SSP software will increase efficiencies in all aspects of oversight of State Safety Programs (SSP). Q5 encompasses the following State Safety Program (SSP) responsibilities:

  • Safety regulation
  • Accident/incident investigation
  • Safety assurance
  • Mandatory/voluntary reporting
  • Safety data analysis and exchange
  • Safety promotion

Workflow Diagram

Benefits of using the Q5SMS/SSP:

For the CAA

  • Create inspection/audit schedules
  • Email notifications to ensure inspections are being completed and findings are being addressed
  • Reports to show inspector/auditor efficiency
  • One common platform to manage all activities associated with the oversight of your State Safety Program

For the Inspector

  • Review the stakeholder profile to view performance trends and be more efficient when performing the inspection
  • Issue and manage findings through the software
  • Generate reports in seconds
  • Reduce time expenditures by 40-60%

For the stakeholder

  • Easily receive and address findings through the software
  • Submit event reports through a familiar platform

No Compromise

We believe that when it comes to meeting ICAO standards and implementing a State Safety Program there is no compromise. Our “no compromise” approach to developing State Safety Program software is perhaps what defines us best and why civil aviation authorities implicitly trust Q5SMS/SSP for aviation safety management system oversight.

State Safety Program Oversight - No Compromise

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