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Q5SMS - Action Tracking Module

Through the Q5SMS corrective action management module you can identify and manage any corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) to ensure compliancy with all regulatory requirements and regulations to initiate an industry wide aviation safety culture. Q5SMS safety management software users can generate actions derived from audits, inspections, events and investigations. Actions can be utilized as recommended, preventative or corrective action management measures. From within Q5'S Action Tracking module, users can initiate corrective actions and assign the level of importance and priority the action requires. Q5 safety management software can compute A Root Cause analysis to complete a full investigation. When deciding corrective, preventative or recommended actions, users can complete a cost benefit analysis on the proposed action using our Risk on Action feature. The email escalation notification automatically sends reminders, escalations, approvals and closure saving time and closing the loop on overdue processes.

Q5SMS preventative/ corrective Action management module encompasses features to track the status of corrective actions. When corrective actions have been effectively implemented, the action can be tracked while ensuring accountability and monitoring. Q5SMS Action Tracking Module helps our aviation customers effectively participate in hazard identification, correction and prevention to promote an industry wide aviation safety culture.

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